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AS and A2 Core A Level Maths Revision & Class Notes and C2 Revision Cards

These notes are based on the class notes I made during my pure maths A Level course. They have been transcibed onto the computer and saved as a zipped pdf file.

The notes should be ideal for A-level maths core revision and are based mainly on the OCR syllabus, with a touch of AQA. The notes contain many worked examples, which should give a good overview of the many techniques required.

C2 Maths Revision Cards:

New: A set of A4 sheets that can be cut out to give some revision cards for C2 (EDX). Latest draft version to version C2V2c (26 May 2015)

C1 to C4 - Core A Level Maths Revision & Class Notes:

All my notes have been combined into one pdf file. Latest update is no 28 v8Fay - 05 May 2015

Due to exceeding our bandwidth limits the file has been moved to another server, but can still be downloaded via the 'download' button here.

The downloaded file is a zip file,

Unzip to extract the latest version of the pdf document


No further updates are likely to be available now.

Updated Sections are marked in the contents list at the beginning of each Core module.

This update includes additional material as well as revisions to the C1 to C4 sections.

As usual, several corrections to errors have been made.

Minor changes to formatting have also been made to improve readability.

Changes are not always reflected in the contents list immediately.

The previous update is shown here:

[Update no 27 v8Fat - 22 March 2015]

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