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I’m Katherine Lord, but most people call me Kathy and I’m 16. I’ve always loved writing short stories and never in a million years dreamed that I would be able to write a book and get it published.

My main interest is horse riding. I share a horse with a friend, and, for me, horses have always come before school work (sometimes I have trouble getting all my work done). I’m mad keen on show jumping and watch every show jumping event shown on TV. I also compete a little bit in show jumping. I would love to compete more but as I can't have my own horse, I feel lucky to have a horse to ride at all. Unfortunately no one else in my family is horsey, although my mum is learning. I would love to work with horses when I leave school and I would give anything to compete at professional level in show jumping.

I also love drawing and painting (as you will see if you take a look at the gallery), although I am not studying it as one of my A levels, and I love dancing and singing.