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Adroth - This features several times during the story. This is where the great Acaston (or evil Acaston, depending on which side you happen to be on) was born and lived for many years. Later on in Anya’s time, in the main part of the book, a fortress is built here by those who wish to overthrow the Council as Acaston once did. They wish to take back control in his name and this is their strong hold and one of their places of safety.

Anya’s Village - A pretty typical country farming village really. It’s only claim to fame is that Anya was born here so it does eventually feature in Rothlyn’s history books.

Camari system - A group of ten tropical islands in the world of Camea. The first humans were placed on this part of the world by the Gods, first on the largest of the islands and then, as their numbers grew, they spread out to cover all ten.

Carathea - A small village where Acaston finds himself in the care of strangers who tell him of his friend’s death, turning him against the Council. This village plays a big part in the shape of the story but is hardly mentioned at all.

Daioke - This is where the first settlers in Rothlyn come from. The Daiokian’s speak their own language, which later becomes the ancient language. All of them have dark hair and skin to cope with their climate.

Dragon Mountains - The mountain range where the colony of mountain dwelling Dragons once lived. Now there are only four left in the whole of Rothlyn.

Fajer Balin, The Temple of - The name means; ‘The Temple of the Powerful Wicked One’ in the ancient language, or ‘The Temple of the Wicked One’ Powerful’ if you want to translate it literally. In real life though ‘Fajer’ is the Arabic for ‘Wicked One’ and Balin is just made up although it sounds slightly arabic. This is a place that is under a curse. You cannot enter if you carry the Locket, as the Locket is part of Acaston, and he did not wish it to be destroyed after his death. A curse was the only way to prevent it being destroyed.

Forgotten Forest, The - Called the Forgotten Forest because no one dares to go in it and very few speak of it. This is probably the darkest place in Camea, not just Rothlyn. Actually it’s not as bad as people make out. Yes, it is gloomy and looks pretty scary, especially at night during a thunder storm, but it’s not a terrible place, although not one where you would like to spend the night. Stories are told of terrible beasts that lurk in those trees and as a result no one goes in there. Most of the beasts spoken off are just myth. However, there are some pretty scary creatures that do lurk in the trees. These creatures are more like spiders in a way as they are more scared of you than you are of them. They can be aggressive if they feel threatened, or have been ordered to be, but most of the time they wouldn’t allow themselves to be seen.

Hideth - The city built on the cliff tops, overlooking the landing site of the first humans in Rothlyn. Many people travel here from across the country at least once in their lifetimes just to see it and envy the privileged few who live there. This city is almost as famous as Rothlyn.

Logeron - Based on the name ‘Logan’ who is actually a horse I used to ride. This is the Capital city and the greatest city in Rothlyn, built by the first King and Queen. It is surrounded by a great wall, and was where the Council was created. As great as Logeron is, it can seem like a prison to some, who fail to see it’s greatness and the wonderful things inside it.

Logeron’s market place - This is where you can buy anything, no matter what you want. It’s always lively and full of desperate traders trying to sell you things. The market is always crowded though so it can be a challenge to get through it. It’s actually quicker to take the long way round on a market day.

Monoceros Falls - Monoceros is a constellation and the name means ‘The Unicorn’ which fits perfectly as the Monoceri are basically Unicorns with a little bit of my imagination thrown in. Monoceros Falls is where the Royal herd live, lead by the Queen of Monoceri herself. It is a very beautiful place, like the creatures themselves, but the water fall is big but still small enough for Anya and the Raiders to have a conversation with one at the bottom and one at the top (obviously shouting at each other).

Old World Inn, The - The most famous inn in Rothlyn. This inn is almost as old as the city of Logeron where it is built and generations of innkeepers have sworn to help the King in circumstances of great danger if the King should ask. A tunnel runs from the palace into the Old World Inn which is maintained and protected by the innkeeper. Many famous characters stay here, including Acaston and later Anya.

Red Dragon, The - The inn at Sonador where Anya, Elanta and Melia stay for a while. This is not the nicest of places for young girls to be really. In fact Sonador isn’t the nicest of places for young girls to be, well, out on their own anyway.

Rothlyn - Literally means ‘new land’ in the ancient language. This is where the main story is set. Rothlyn is a very large country, about the size of North America. The people of Daioke set out to seek a new home and Rothlyn is where they end up.

Saltiran - The largest of the islands in the Camari System. This is where the first humans ever walked on Camea. It is also the home of the shrine which houses the four Gems that the Gods gave as a gift to the humans as a promise that they would always be there and would always be united.

Sonador - The name comes from the Spanish for ‘dreamer’. Sonador is a typical sea town and is where Rothlyn’s navy is based. This is probably most famous for the outbreak of plague that nearly wiped the population of this city out. Sonador, The Temple of - A little island just of the coast of Sonador houses this once grand temple (looking at it from Sonador is a bit like looking at the Isle of Weight from Portsmouth except the island is smaller). People were sent here to be treated and isolated when the plague broke out in Sonador. As soon as they showed symptoms they were shipped out and handed over to the priests. Unfortunately all the priests and their patients in the temple died. Looking on the bright side though, it did stop the plague in Sonador as the people were removed at the first sign, before it was infectious. It is said that an ancient King gave the priests a secret map of Logeron to keep safe in the temple, but no one has been to the island since in case the plague (or the evil that was believed to have caused the plague) still lurks there and the temple is now a tumbling ruin.

Thubain Mountain - The mountain where the four remaining dragons live in their cave.