This page is for RiscOS users. To find out more about RiscOS and the latest Arm computers click this link to the ARMini. RiscOS can also be run on the Raspberry Pi computers.


DrawAid is an easy-to-use Wimp interface allowing a Library of Basic drawing procedures to be called by simple (or complex) User's Basic programs. From these User programs complex Drawfiles may be generated and displayed without any knowledge of the RISCOS Wimp. The application can be used to produce mathematically or parametrically defined drawings and can produce a sequence of drawfiles from the one program.

The program was written by Bill Graham and is posted here with his kind permission.


NetCalc is a program for calculating various network subnet solutions with the appropriate netmask. It displays information with either the Classic or the CIDR rules. This was originally written to illustrate an article for Archive magazine.

The program was written using DrWimp, the RiscOS version of Visual Basic, which was maintained by my friend, the late Ray Favre. It is now maintained by Chris Johnson, Steve Fryatt, and Martin Avison.






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