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How it Began | The Original Story | Sample Extract


Sample Extract

Many thousands of years ago, before time even began there was just darkness, a black never ending nothing which was murky and bore no life. It stretched out forever, beyond imagination. It had no end and no beginning, with no ability to expand and no ability to shrink. It was just there, no one could explain it and no one could take it away.

There was nothing to light the way through it, simply black which went on and on through time from the past right into the far future. It was silent. No sound of life, just complete darkness forever along an invisible line of time.

“Along this line of time there was a rupture in the darkness. The first light pierced the blanket, ripping through the eternal black, cutting the time line to webs and making it spiral off into space, creating several different lines, yet all of them the same.

At the point of the rupture several beings were created and pulled into each web. Sucked into parallel universes where they would rule and be the creators of whatever their imaginations could perceive. Some ribbons, however, gained more than one being and one consumed four.

“These beings became Gods, all of them in different languages with different names and forms but they were all the same until they took control of themselves and commanded their own lives and created their own characters, thinking for themselves and working together.

Each web would have it’s own story, it’s own history of how it’s universe began, but in the end they were all created from the same source, complete darkness and yet nothing.

The story of our world is the story of the four beings sucked into one ribbon together. All of them took a different form with great beauty and love of life, and all with the same dream.

Tathiya was the strong one. She had the power and the strength. The will to use this was hers alone and she chose to keep it to herself. Tathiya took the form of a Dragon. Her eyes were as black and deep as the beginnings of time and had there been light they would have caught it and glinted in it’s rays. Ebony horns ran down her head and spine and also curved at the tips of her wings and smooth shiny claws sprouted from her four feet.

She was beautiful and yet deadly all at the same time. Her scales were a red as fire, deepening in beauty as they reached her wings which became transparent and delicate with the softness of velvet. Underneath, on her neck and stomach there were scales of gold like the sun in the early morning light.

Her breath was that of orange flame, the first light that the universe was to see, and when she breathed it for the first time it reflected in her eyes and mirrored her personality. Among her first friends she created the stars. She alone was immune to the heat her flame produced and created balls of light which hardened and turned silver and sparkled in the darkness. She created a slightly larger than average one by accident and because it’s beauty enchanted the four, they gave it a separate name, the moon.

Tathiya’s grandest creation was that of the sun, a huge ball of orange flame which stayed too hot to harden and glowed, lighting them up and warming them with its golden heat. They called this the sun and Tathiya knew it would light the way of other beings but she also knew that she must never let it die out or it would bring darkness again.

Hurieth had his own spirit. He was happy in everything he did and took pleasure in the beauty that Tathiya had created. He was the one that ran free and galloped playfully among the stars, yet the other’s looked down on him for this. To them he seemed different and immature, without pride but with a lust for life and hunger for fun and gentle beauty.

Hurieth’s gentle brown eyes won him his affection but they carried spirit and sparkled with happiness in the new sun. His was the form of a horse. His gentle dished face and pure white coat made him handsome and his flowing mane and tail blew out like streamers of silver as he cantered through the darkness among the stars, lighting it up with his mere presence there.

He was the one that persuaded Tathiya to create the world. He wanted something beautiful to care for, he did not want to play for eternity among the stars but wanted to explore his imagination. So Tathiya created another ball of fire which was not as big as the sun, yet bigger than the moon and stars and it hardened on the outside to a bronze ball with the fire still trapped inside. Tathiya breathed over it and another layer was added and with her wings she kept it warm until it had become a blue liquid under a clear film which covered the entire earth.

Pleased with Tathiya’s kindness Hurieth penetrated the film which closed itself behind him and took some hairs from his snow white coat. With these he created clouds to float in a blue sky and he found that he could penetrate the film whenever he chose yet it would always seal again.

Fahra took the form of a dolphin, gliding through the darkness. His smooth smokey skin took pleasure in entering the blue liquid on the surface of the earth which he called the ocean.

The others would watch from a distance while he entered the film and swam in the sea, leaping out of the cool water and sending spray into the air with his tail. He created creatures that filled the sea from the spray made by tail and the waves that rolled and crashed from the strength of the moon and sun.

Now new life played on the planet making it fascinating and even more beautiful. These creatures needed a sense of time so Tathiya created the night and the day, where the moon would rule in the darkness and the sun in the light.

Shahiran was the only one not to have contributed to the dream formed from imagination. She was the cat with fur a soft as silk, her eyes big and round and a perfect blue. Her snow white coat shone gold in the sun and shimmered silver in the moonlight. It was she that was the most beautiful, the most watchful and the most intelligent. She observed everything with her calm blue eyes and could dance silently among the stars on her soft pink paws. Her nose resembled a heart and breathed love onto the world along with beauty.

She was the one who felt that there was too much water and that the earth needed something else. With her playful and gentle paws she created the land, covering it with lush greenery and new creatures, many of them based on her and her companions in honour of their creators.

The others praised her work and it gave Fahra and Hurieth new ideas. Fahra created man to care for the world, a fur less two legged creature so unlike the forms which the creators themselves took. It would be mans job to rule the world on it’s creators commands, but they were also given free will as the creators could not deny one creation the gift of freedom when all others had received it.

Hurieth created creatures that could fly with him among the clouds. They had feathers of varying colours and sizes and they glided and filled the skies during the day and rested on the land at night.

Their work was done and only things more beautiful could evolve over time. The creators had to watch and wait, to see where time would lead it.