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Tathiya - The Goddess of victory and courage. She is a beautiful red dragon created the red gem as a gift to the human race. She is the creator of the earth, sun, moon and stars. Without her Camea would never exist. Her name, ‘Tathiya’, is based on my cat’s name, Tabitha.

Hurieth - The God of freedom and happiness. He is the white horse who pursuaded Tathiya to create the world. Hurieth created the clouds and creatures of the sky and gave the white gem, the colour of his coat, to the first humans.

Farah - The god of peace and prosperity. He is the dolphin and creator of the waves, the creatures of the sea and of man. His gem is the blue one, like the ocean.

Shahiran - The Goddess of wealth and beauty. She is the white cat with yellow eyes which is why she is the creator of the yellow gem. She created land, plants and the land dwelling creatures.