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Acaston’s Locket - This Locket is actually based on a Locket that I was given for my thirteenth birthday. It gave me the inspiration I needed to make my story start to work. Inside the Locket I was given, my brother had put a picture of an Andalusian horse surrounded by light which looked so magical and it gave me the idea for the Locket’s magical properties. Obviously I had to adapt the Locket slightly (see the art gallery) to fit with the story but it is mainly the same in appearance. The Locket has the ability to protect and was created from the good that was inside Acaston, from his good intentions.

Acaston’s Stone - This is the creation that came from the hatred inside Acaston, the revenge he wanted for his friend’s death. This sucks power and life out of you if you are not careful, and did so to Acaston. It was once perfectly clear but has turned black over the years. It was once combined with the Locket and was the most powerful of the two, but it has now broken away and was lost. The Locket and the Stone are bonded with an unbelievable strength, and whenever the Locket is used the Stone drains power from it. If the Locket is used too much, the Stone will drain the power from it completely.

Achaeus - In Greek mythology ‘Achaeus’ was the son of Xuthus and Creusa, but in this story Achaeus is a Dragon. He is one of the cliff dwelling dragons and the first dragon the humans ever meet, thus earning himself a place in the history and becoming the most famous dragon to ever exist.

Anadil - Her name in Arabic means ‘Nightingale’ and this is also the translation in the ancient language. Anadil is a beautiful and lively chestnut mare. Anadil is based on a horse I used to ride, and is one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden. The real Anadil’s name is Polly, and belongs to the riding school I learned to ride at.

Anya’s Sword - This is actually Acaston’s sword but Bishr doesn’t tell her the truth. He says it is her father’s which is true, but he fails to mention that it once belonged to Acaston. The Sword was handed down with the Locket, but Emir was able to hide it, unlike the Locket which had been given directly to Anya by her grandmother. Emir asked Bishr’s father to keep it safe until the time came where Anya needed it, and if she never did, it was to be given to her on her father’s death to pass on.

Asteria - In Greek Mythology ‘Asteria’ was the daughter of the Titan Coeus and Pheobe. Zeus fell in love with her and she turned herself into a quail to escape him, before eventually throwing herself into the sea and becoming the island of Asteria. In my story she Queen of the Monoceri and the most beautiful of all creatures in Camea. She is one of the greatest queens the Monoceri have known and leads with great courage but has a quiet, mythical quality about her.

Azeman, The - This vampire creature looks terrifying but really isn’t that dangerous and is addicted to counting. If you throw something like stones she can’t resist dropping to the floor and counting them and she won’t be able to make herself stop until she has counted all of them.

Balarin - Emir’s elderly dapple grey mare who lives with Anadil when Emir is not away on Council meetings.

Banshee, The - A typical Banshee. She lurks around the Temple of Fajer Balin like the Sphinx and waits for people to die so that she can wail. Being shut away for so long. she is desperate to do what she was made for, so will try to point people in the wrong direction so that they will die. This can be very useful when you are trying to negotiate your way through a labyrinth and you know what she’s trying to do.

Clock, The - This appears once the curse is activated to give the victims regular time checks. It counts down to their death.

Compass, Magic The - No matter where you want to go, if you don’t know the way, this is the tool to have. If you tell it where you want to go it will point you in the right direction and it’s needle will keep locked on that point and all you have to do is follow it. It will even tell you how many miles away from your destination you are.

Dragon, The - This probably becomes the General’s favourite ship because it features in probably his greatest triumph, or at least he thinks so.

Dorado - From the Spanish ‘El Dorado’ meaning ‘golden one’. Dorado I think had to be my favourite character in the whole story, even though he’s a horse. He is Bishr’s best friend and I can’t imagine one without the other. Dorado is a beautiful dapple grey, actually based on a showjumper, ridden by Nick Skelton, whose name is Russel and who is my favourite show jumper!

Echion - In Greek Mythology ‘Echion’ took part in the Calydonian Boar hunt and acted as a spy in the expedition of the Argonauts. In my story he is a Dragon and one of the last four remaining in Camea.

Faces in the Wall, The - These are basically faces that lurk in the wall and have been dormant for many years (as have most of the creatures in the temple). There not actually dangerous, they’re just randomly there for entertainment.

Fahesh - His name in Arabic means ‘Excessive’. Fahesh is a lively horse and a beautiful black. Not necessarily my favourite colour but I have to admit that the sight of a black stallion is stunning. Fahesh is Melia’s horse and he and Anadil become great friends.

Fakih - In the Ancient language this name means ‘proud’, but in real life it is the Arabic for ‘legal expert’. Fakih is one of the Dolphin’s that follows the boats from Daioke to Rothlyn.

Four Gems, The - These were given to the first humans as a gift from the Gods. These Gems were made from their souls and gave the colours that represent each God; Red for Tathiya, Blue for Fahra, White for Hurieth and Yellow for Shahiran. They were given as a promise to the people that the Gods would always be united and would always take care of them and watch over them.

Hani - The Arabic name meaning ‘Happy’ and it also means ‘happy’ in the ancient language. Hani is the other dolphin who stays with the boats throughout the journey.

Inachus - In Greek Mythology was the chief river of Argos. Inachus in my story was another of the four Dragons and the last I have to tell you about.

Intruder, The - Rothlyn’s fastest and grandest ship in the entire fleet.

Khaylian - Based on the Arabic name ‘Khayaaliy’ meaning ‘spirit’ or ‘fantasy’. His name means ‘spirit’ in the ancient language. Khaylian is the first horse ever to come in close contact with humans, and the first horse to trust humans enough to allow himself to be ridden.

Marees - From the Arabic name ‘El - Marees’ meaning ‘The South Wind’. Marees is Bishr’s eagle and great friend. I had to have an eagle in here somewhere as I love birds of prey, and having Bishr was a great excuse for me to involve animals such as Marees.

Merafins - Very like Mermaids, these creatures are half Dolphin and half human. The are very shy and like tropical waters so are never seen around Rothlyn, but there are many in the Camari System.

Monoceros - Monoceros is a constellation and the name means ‘The Unicorn’. This is fitting a Monoceros is basically a unicorn, with some of my imagination thrown in, with the plural being Monoceri. These creatures are born silver, their coats turn white followed by their manes, tails and hooves turning gold. In the last years of their life a the gold will start to turn white and when every part of their body is white they will die. When a member of the Royal herd becomes King or Queen their mane and tail turn blue and they start to turn gold in their last years. When they are completely gold, they die. They are capable of living around two hundred years and their horns are powerful tools for magic. They are incredibly shy and hard to catch (they are not your standard unicorns who cannot resist virgin girls) so their horns are worth loads, but you have to be careful when you sell them as being caught with a Monoceros horn is illegal, even if you didn’t kill the Monoceros.

Pharinta - Anya’s tortishell cat. She is actually based on my own cat, Tabitha, who has an incredibly fantastic character and entertains us when she is not fast asleep in the sun!

Polly - Polly is a Loro Bird. He is called Polly because Loro birds are based on parrots and the word ‘Loro’ is in fact Spanish for parrot. These are beautiful birds that can live for a long time, are very intelligent and have the ability to talk if they are taught. Polly is a boy and I haven’t just made the mistake of calling him ‘he’. Polly was hand raised by Ericole who at first thought she was a girl. When he realised his mistake he tried to change the name but Polly wasn’t having it and refused to answer to anything else, so the name stuck.

Sabiah - The Arabic name meaning ‘morning’. Sabiah is Mr Boreas’s horse and a beautiful grey who Anya visits regularly. I sometimes feel at times that she is too beautiful for Mr Boreas to own, but that’s when I’m writing bits where he’s being horrible, which is most of the time....

Shaitans - Shaitan means ‘devil’ in Arabic and also in the ancient language (I apologise for the really bad joke somewhere in the story!). These were once humans but are now headless warriors, put under the Fajereblis Curse. ‘Fajer’ means ‘wicked one’ in Arabic and ‘Eblis’ means ‘Devil’

Sharadih - A half wizard. Instead of being able to do magic like witches and wizards, these people have a unique gift. Each Sharadih had their own power and as soon as once dies they are immediately replaced by another with the same gift. Sharadihs will never die out and there will always be one with each gift.

Sheanna - Acaston’s mare who he raised from an orphan foal. Sheanna was always faithful to Acaston and earned her name in history. If it hadn’t been for her fright in a thunder storm, Acaston would probably never have learned of his friend’s death and would never have become the man he turned out to be.

Serponians - These are the giant forest snakes that roam the Forgotten Forest and other dark damp places. They are rarely seen and are incredibly dangerous if they feel threatened. It’s generally a good idea to keep away from them as they have incredibly large and poisonous fangs that, depending on how much venom the Serponian has to inject you at that particular moment, can kill you within minutes but sometimes it can take hours.

Solar Powered Scorpions, The - These are giant scorpion's with solar panels on their backs, therefor they can’t move in darkness. These have to be my favourite unusual creatures in Camea. The idea for these came from a game my friends and I sometimes play at sleepovers. Basically someone starts a story off and when they finish their bit they say ‘pass’ and the next person has to carry on. This game can get increasingly evil as if you can’t continue the story you’re out. If no one can continue the story, the person who gave everyone difficulty wins. I had been left to get this girl across a desert full of giant scorpions which would eat her as soon as she stepped forward. Eventually I said that the Scorpions could only work when the sun was shining and were motionless at night, and from then on they became known as the solar powered scorpions. We were giggling so hard at the idea of solar powered Scorpions, that my parents came down and told us to shut up.

Sonador, The Map of - This was said to be given to the priests of the temple of Sonador by an ancient king. No one is quite sure whether the map still exists as the temple is in ruins and no one had been out to the island for years. The map is said to show all the tunnels in Logeron, to get in and out without being seen. It shows every secret passage in the palace and everything someone wanting to break into the city would need.

Sphinx, The - Your traditional Sphinx really. She basically lurks around thinking up riddles for people who come across her.

Syrinx - In Greek Mythology ‘Syrinx’ is an Arcadian Nymph who changed herself into a read when she was being pursued by Pan and she was made into pipes, hence the name Pan Pipes. Syrinx is another of the four Dragons and one of two females left.

Theia - The oldest and one of the last Dragons in Camea. She was orphaned as a young dragon and was left alone to take care of her brothers and sister. The dragons will soon die out as they cannot breed within their own family and there are only four of them left, all related. She was meant to be based on one of my friends but didn't quite turn out as I wanted her to, however, she will love the fact that there are dragons in this, especially as I put them in because I knew she'd like them.

The Unsinkable - This has to be the General’s favourite ship as he had the pleasure of naming it.

Zahrah - The Arabic name meaning ‘white’. Zahrah is the first Monoceros to ever encounter humans, at a time when Monoceros had no need to be shy. Her powers transferred in her friendship with Alesha and Temarith to make them the first witch and wizard which was the start of all witches and wizards to come.