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Acaston’s Family:

Acaston - Acaston’s Legacy would not exist without this Character. His name is based on the Greek name Acastus. He is a troubled character and has always dreamed of being a member of the Council but changes his mind after the death of his friend Theron.

Gahmal - Based on the Arabic name ‘Gamal’ which means ‘ Camel’. Gahmal is Acaston’s father and, like his wife, barely features in the story but is a major part of Rothlyn’s history.

Safia - A combination really of the Arabic name ‘Safa’ meaning innocent and the name ‘Sofia’. Safia is Acaston’s mother.

Temara - The daughter of the innkeeper of the Old World Inn. It is not mentioned in the book but Temara is pregnant when her husband dies (she has to be otherwise she couldn’t pass on the Locket).

Ochnus - Created from the Greek name ‘Ocnus’ who, in Greek Mythology, was punished by being forced to constantly plait a rope of straw that was being eaten as fast as he could plait it. Temara’s father and keeper of the Old World Inn during Acaston’s time (it is his descendants who run it during Anya’s time). He is sworn to help the king in times of need and protects the tunnel that runs under the city to the palace.