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Elanta’s Family:

Elanta - This has to be one of my favourite names. This character is based on one of my greatest friends and she was the one that chose the name. Elanta is a beautiful and kind young woman who feels there is more to life than the walls of the palace where she lives and the city of Logeron. She wants to see the world but can’t and feels trapped. She is easily distracted by books and dreams of seeing the places like in the stories they tell. All the time she has to do what is expected of her until she finds her chance to escape. The real Elanta luckily does not have this problem but her character is the same. She always looks very glamorous in the story, except when she meets Anya who introduces her back to riding and adventures, and is a great friend through everything and a great actress, especially when she needs to be, both in the story and real life.

Rashadni - Elanta’s sister. Rashadni accepts her life and enjoys the comforts and safety of the palace. She loves her sister, Elanta, but does not quite understand her sometimes.

Alanis - Elanta’s father and the current chief advisor to the King. He is always busy and only sees his daughters at meal times and longs to spend more time with them. Elanta has a great love and admiration for him.

Fansiska - Elanta’s sister.

Baleena - Elanta’s sister and probably Elanta’s mother’s favourite. Baleena has a habit of falling in love too quickly but with the right people which keeps her mother happy. Elanta despairs of her and gets easily irritated when Baleena is in the room.