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Ericole’s Family:

Ericole - Once a distinguished sailor, but eventually outlawed for a crime he didn’t commit, Ericole has made his living by turning to piracy and finds it much more satisfying and fun. His sense of fun has become rather dangerous but he doesn’t care and lives for the moment’s satisfaction if it succeeds.

Camriah - Ericole’s sister and probably greatest friend. Her house, that she inherited from her husband, is his shelter and sanctuary when he needs it.

Anisah - The Arabic name meaning ‘friendly’. Ericole’s wife and the only person that takes him away and keeps him away from piracy as she disapproves, mainly because she doesn’t want to be left alone for long months unless it is absolutely necessary but the two have easily enough to survive on.

Jamial - Based on the arabic name ‘Jamal’ meaning ‘beautiful’. Ericole’s only child. He is a kind hearted young boy but is set to take after his father. When I think of Jamial I think of an irish person and I sometimes find it hard to imagine him without the irish accent even though he doesn’t have one!