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Melia’s Family:

Melia - In Greek Mythology ‘Melia’ is a Nymph and the daughter of Oceanus. Melia is Anya’s best friend. Her character is also based on another of my greatest friend’s. Without Melia, I doubt Anya would have been able to get through anything. Both in real life and in the story, in serious situations Melia is the voice of reason but continuously gets ignored by Anya. Melia is incredibly bright academically which comes in useful with Anya’s lack of interest in school subjects and not such good memory when it comes to school work. She is annoyingly thin and also incredibly funny to have around.

Tithonus - In Greek Mythology ‘Tithonus’ is the brother of Priam who obtained the God’s immortality due to his lover, Eos, praying for him. As he did not obtain eternal youth he shrank together as time wore on and he grew old. In my story Tithonus is Melia’s grandfather and Anya’s godfather. He is a very serious character who is always concerned for Anya’s safety. He made a promise to look after Anya if anything happened to her father and sticks to that in Emir’s memory. Sometimes though, in his worry, he gets over protective to the point where Anya gets annoyed with him. I find Tithonus an annoying character at times and sometimes hated him when I was writing about him but through all of that his motives are kind and you have to love him.