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Mr Boreas’s Family:

General Torbes - Just confuse the issue we have two of these. 19 years before the main story starts there is a General Torbes but 19 years after this his son takes over the position.

Mr Lieth Boreas - The name ‘Boreas’ comes from Greek Mythology. Boreas is the name of the North Wind and the son of Astraeus and Eos. Anya’s history and Culture teacher. Mr Boreas turns away from his faith in the Gods after two of his friend’s Gunahl and Azri are killed. Azri leaves behind a wife and a baby girl and Mr Boreas blames the Gods and chooses to fight them as best he can.

General Torbes - Our second General Torbes this time the younger one of Anya’s time who is only four years older than her. Anya first sees him with his future wife Kirana (arranged marriage of course. We’d all need to be worried if it wasn’t!) and her friend Zafira (based on the Arabic name ‘Zafirah’ which means ‘victory’). I played with the letters of Boreas and replaced the ‘a’ with a ‘T’ to get his name. He is a very smug and irritating character who thinks he’s better than everyone else, just because he’s a General. I must point out that he has unusually bright blond hair, which is the result of a rather nasty accident with a potion bottle, and has earned himself the nickname ‘lantern head’ because it is so shockingly bright.