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Royal Family In Anya’s Time:

King Berufor II - The current King during the main part of the story. Berufor tries his best but fails to listen to other’s except the Council, convinced that his ideas are right. He hopes that the beautiful Elanta will marry his son Erigos.

Erigos - King Berufor’s son and the future king. He is being forced into the arranged marriage with Elanta and dislikes it as she does. He may not show it but he likes Elanta as a friend and he has no wish to marry her, especially as he knows that she does not want the marriage. He does go along with the marriage idea for a while but it hurts him to see Elanta so unhappy. Elanta finds him too serious and hates being around him as he makes her feel uncomfortable. Erigos has that effect on people but he grows into a stronger character and is forced to be a leader which is when he shows himself.